Quizzes | iCarly Quiz: What's Your iCarly Gig?

iCarly Quiz: What's Your iCarly Gig?

Ever fancy yourself as a member of the iCarly crew? Sure, it'd be fun to produce your own show, but all play and no work makes Jack (or Jill) a poor boy (or girl)! So where in the world of iCarly would you land a job? Take this quiz and find out!

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  • When a hip new gadget comes out, you:

    • Buy it immediately!
    • Wait to hear reviews about it
    • Don't care! You'd rather spend your money on food
  • What kind of work would you most enjoy?

    • Something technical
    • Something creative
    • Something social
  • How do you feel about fruits?

    • I only like them in my logos
    • They taste great juiced
    • I bake pies with them!
  • Who would you like to work for?

    • A popular corporation
    • A small business
    • Myself!
  • Where would you rather hang out?

    • An arcade
    • A hip cafe
    • Your friend's place
  • How much workplace messiness can you handle?

    • None
    • A little
    • A lot
  • How do you learn best?

    • By reading
    • By practicing
    • By watching someone else
  • Who's your fave person on iCarly?

    • Freddie
    • Carly
    • Gibby
  • What do you do the most often?

    • Play with your phone
    • Drink coffee/tea/juice
    • Eat!