Quizzes | iCarly Quiz: What's Your iCarly Tune?

iCarly Quiz: What's Your iCarly Tune?

In the mood to rock out, but unsure of which jam to play? Well, it's a good thing just about every tune that comes from the iCarly crew is a guaranteed hit. So the REAL question is, which iCarly track should you be listening to? Take this quiz to find out which song fits you, and then let the random dancing begin!

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  • When you random dance, your go-to move is...

    • The Shuffle
    • The Dosey-Do
    • I Make It Rain
    • The High Kick
  • What's your fave iCarly episode?

    • All of them!
    • iToe Fat Cakes
    • iGot A Hot Room
    • iBloop
  • Where do you like to listen to music?

    • At a live concert.
    • In my room.
    • In the shower, while I'm singing.
    • Everywhere. I do own headphones (duh).
  • If you had a band, who would be in it?

    • All of my friends.
    • Me...and my guitar.
    • Just me! I can't share the spotlight with ANYONE.
    • Me and my best friend.
  • You throw on your headphones and cue up your playlist when...

    • You're pumping up for the big game.
    • You're studying. Great tunes = brain power!
    • Your crush breaks up with you. Crying is easier with music!
    • You're getting ready for a night out.
  • You've just been challenged to a karaoke duel. Which song do you choose?

    • Anything with a monster rhyme.
    • A country love song.
    • A power ballad.
    • A pop hit.
  • When it comes to music, you prefer...

    • Rap
    • Country
    • Pop
    • Techno remixes
  • What's your motto?

    • "My kingdom awaits!"
    • "We are a brand new generation!"
    • "I'll do anything for the win."
    • "Live life, breathe air."
  • If you had to serenade an iCarly character, which character would you choose?

    • Gibby
    • Sam
    • Carly
    • The whole cast - Bring it on! I was born to perform!
  • When you're in the car, which radio station do you tune into?

    • Bring the Beats 98.2
    • Howdy Hits 104.5
    • Power 99.5
    • Life's Theme Songs 105.7