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        Quizzes | Who's Your iParty Pal?

        Who's Your iParty Pal?

        It's time to party! You may have already RSVPed to the biggest bash of the summer, iParty with Victorious, but you're missing one very important thing. A date! Well, don't worry. We put together a little quiz that'll match you up with your perfect party pal. Quiz it up and get ready for the fiesta of a lifetime!

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        • What's your perfect party outfit?

          • A skirt with tights and a printed tee
          • A sparkly dress and heels
          • Something preppy like jeans and a polo
          • The sweater vest I got for Christmas
        • If you were throwing a big bash, which party theme would you pick?

          • Dot Com Prom
          • Hollywood
          • Movie Madness
          • Puppets, because they're cool.
        • When you hit the dance floor at a party, what's your signature move?

          • The Web Waltz
          • The Centipede
          • The Macho Man
          • The String Bean
        • What's your fave party snack?

          • Spaghetti Tacos
          • Cupcakes. I freak the freak out over cupcakes.
          • Pretzels
          • Anything without dairy. I'm lactose intolerant.
        • You just heard the DJ at the party is taking requests. What song would you beg him to play?

          • "Dancing Crazy"
          • "Beggin' On Your Knees"
          • "Leave It All to Me"
          • "Make It Shine"
        • The DJ just threw on a slow jam. Which iParty cutie are you dying to dance with?

          • Freddie
          • Beck. Just don't tell Jade.
          • I'm having trouble deciding between Carly and Sam...
          • I like to dance alone. Girls make me nervous.
        • You need favors for your party goodie bags! What swag would fill your bag?

          • Penny-Tees
          • Mini microphones
          • Video cameras for everyone!
          • Fake mustaches
        • What's the one accessory you just can't party without?

          • The spoon hat my brother made for me.
          • My phone. I have to update all my party moods on The Slap!
          • Hair gel! It's all about the 'do.
          • My glasses. I couldn't see the dance floor without them!
        • What's your favorite party activity?

          • I just like dancing crazy on the dance floor
          • Karaoke
          • I like every party activity as long as I can capture every second of it on my cam.
          • Hanging out with the party clown or watching a ventriloquist.
        • If you could invite one guest star to your perfect party, who would it be?

          • YouTube sensation, Fred
          • Ke$ha
          • Steven Spielberg
          • My best puppet friend, Rex.