iCarly Quizzes | Are You a Jennette Genius?

Are You a Jennette Genius?

Think you know everything there is to know about iCarly star Jennette McCurdy? Well we bet you'll get stumped by this SUPER-extra-hard trivia quiz!! Take it and find out if you're a Jennette Genius!

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  • Which TV show has Jennette NOT made an appearance in?

  • Which was Jennette's first-ever music single?

  • Where was Jennette raised?

  • How many times has Jennette been nominated for a Kids' Choice Award?

  • Jennette collaborated with which artist on her self-titled album?

  • At what age did Jennette begin her acting career?

  • On which late night show was Jennette recently a guest?

  • How many times has Sam kissed Freddie on iCarly?

  • Jennette gained interest in acting after watching which movie?

  • Jennette made an appearance on which cooking show?

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