Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Alice In Wonderland Quiz: Are you as Mad as a Hatter?

Alice In Wonderland Quiz: Are you as Mad as a Hatter?

Welcome to Wonderland. Do you possess the mad magic to be named Queen of KCA Trivia? Find out how much you know about this Favorite Movie nominee.

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  • This film takes place how many years AFTER Alice's first visit to Wonderland?

  • What is the name of the Red Queen's dragon?

  • Who does the White Rabbit mistake Alice for?

  • What is the name of Alice's pet cat?

  • Which character is played by Anne Hathaway?

  • This film is inspired by what fantasy novel, published in 1871?

  • What does The Red Queen call Alice when she can't remember her name?

  • What singer wrote and performed the song "Alice" on the film's soundtrack, "Almost Alice?"

  • What is Wonderland's real name?

  • Who said, "I need a pig here!"

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