Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Ashley Judd Quiz: Judd-ge how well you know Ashley!

Ashley Judd Quiz: Judd-ge how well you know Ashley!

Can you earn your wings in this KCA trivia quiz? Test your knowledge on Ashley Judd and her movie "The Tooth Fairy!"

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  • What is the name of Ashley Judd's character in "The Tooth Fairy?"

  • What is Ashley's nickname?

  • Ashley is fluent in what language?

  • When Ashley is stressed out from her busy acting career, what does she do to relax?

  • What was Ashley's birth name?

  • Ashley's mother and sister are both what?

  • What are the names of Ashley's on-screen children in the movie, The Tooth Fairy?

  • What scene in The Tooth Fairy is Ashley's favorite?

  • How tall is Ashley?

  • Ashley has a dog named _____ and a cat named______?

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