Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Brenda Song Quiz: Do You Have Brenda on the Brain?

Brenda Song Quiz: Do You Have Brenda on the Brain?

If you were a singer, would Brenda be your song? If you think you know everything about this awesome actress, you should do just fine on this IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA QUIZ!!!

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  • Brenda Song plays Suite Life on Deck heiress...

  • In tae kwon do, Brenda holds a...

  • Brenda got her high school diploma at the age of...

  • Brenda most envies her Suite Life character's...

  • Who has NOT been Brenda Song's co-star?

  • What is Brenda's favorite basketball team?

  • Brenda appears in which 2011 Oscar-nominated movie?

  • Brenda's Phil of the Future character was called...

  • What career did Brenda launch at age 3?

  • Brenda starred as Wendy Wu in the TV movie...

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