Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Bruno Mars Quiz: Are You a Bruno Brainiac?

Bruno Mars Quiz: Are You a Bruno Brainiac?

Bruno Mars is nominated for his first Kids' Choice Award this year, but he's been making music almost his entire life! How much do you know about this "Just The Way You Are" singer? Find out if you'll hit the high notes in this quiz!

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  • Bruno Mars plays guitar on a beach in this video:

  • What does Bruno use to draw in the "Just the Way You Are" video?

  • Bruno Mars sang the chorus for which B.o.B song?

  • In the "Grenade" video, what does Bruno pull?

  • What is Bruno's real first name?

  • What's the name of the album Bruno Mars released in 2010?

  • Which video shows Bruno singing on a rainy night?

  • In "Just the Way You Are," what doesn't the girl like about herself?

  • Bruno Mars' 2011 tour is called:

  • What year did Bruno Mars win his first Grammy?

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