Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Cole Sprouse Quiz: Who Is Cole Sprouse?

Cole Sprouse Quiz: Who Is Cole Sprouse?

Do you know Cole like he was your own twin brother? You'd better, because this quiz is hard! Test your Sprouse smarts and see how you do.

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  • Cole Sprouse was born in what country?

  • Cole is __ minutes younger than his twin brother Dylan.

  • Cole shared a breakout movie role with his brother in Adam Sandler classic...

  • On which TV show has Cole NEVER appeared?

  • Cole is named after...

  • What sport has Cole been involved in since age 4?

  • Cole and his brother are set to attend which college?

  • Cole's first onscreen role was in a...

  • What is Cole's nickname?

  • Which of the following awards has Cole NOT been nominated for?

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