Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | David Henrie Quiz: Are You a David Henrie Whiz?

David Henrie Quiz: Are You a David Henrie Whiz?

How well do you know sparkly-eyed "Wizards Of Waverly" star David Henrie? You're about to find out! And don't slack off, this quiz goes deep.

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  • David Henrie's favorite sport is:

  • Who does David play on "Wizards Of Waverly Place?"

  • Who did David play on "That's So Raven?"

  • David appeared in which TV movie?

  • David isn't just a WOWP actor, he's also a:

  • What is David's onscreen sister's name?

  • How old will David Henrie be at the 2011 KCAs?

  • Who performs the latest WOWP theme song?

  • What instrument does David play?

  • David Henrie is:

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