Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Dwayne Johnson Quiz: Are you a Dwayne Brain?

Dwayne Johnson Quiz: Are you a Dwayne Brain?

Can you earn your wings in this tricky tooth challenge? Find out how much you know about Dwayne Johnson and his movie, "The Tooth Fairy!"

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  • What year did Dwayne host the KCAs?

  • What was Dwayne's former WWE wrestling name?

  • What fellow KCA 2011 nominee plays Dwayne's co-star in "The Tooth Fairy?"

  • In the movie, why is Dwayne's character sentenced to a week as a tooth fairy?

  • In the film, who assigns Dwayne's character, Derek, to Tooth Fairy duty for a week?

  • Dwayne plays the voice of Captain Charles T. Baker in what other fun family film?

  • Dwayne guest starred on which 2011 KCA Favorite TV Show nominee?

  • Dwayne has a fear of ____?

  • Finish this "Tooth Fairy" quote...Dwayne: "Does this tutu ____?"

  • In the film, Dwayne's character Derek has what saying written on his license plate?

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