Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Jaden Smith Quiz: What's your grade in "Jaden"?

Jaden Smith Quiz: What's your grade in "Jaden"?

Can you kick this KCA quiz? Find out how much you know about Jaden Smith and his movie "The Karate Kid!"

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  • Jaden collaborated with which fellow KCA nominee on "The Karate Kid" soundtrack?

  • How long did Jaden train for the part of Dre in "The Karate Kid" before the movie started filming?

  • Jaden suffered a minor knee injury while filming which Karate Kid scene?

  • Jaden practices what traditional form of Chinese martial art?

  • Jaden guest stars as a back-up dancer in which music video?

  • How many movies has Jaden been in?

  • When is Jaden's birthday?

  • What is Jaden's favorite school subject?

  • Finish this line from the Karate Kid - Dre Parker: "I get it. Like the Force in Star Wars. You're Yoda and I'm like...I'm like _____."

  • At the 2010 KCAs, Jaden and co-star Jackie Chan presented the award for which category?

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