Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Jennette McCurdy Quiz: Do You Get Jennette?

Jennette McCurdy Quiz: Do You Get Jennette?

How well do you know the goddess of oddness? Test your knowledge of Jennette McCurdy's crazy career with ten brain-tickling trivia questions. WILL YOU SURVIVE???

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  • iCarly star Jennette McCurdy was born in...

  • On True Jackson, Jennette played...

  • Jennette also played Bertha, oddball neighbor to Internet sensation...

  • As a country singer, Jennette's first single was called...

  • Jennette has two middle names-- which is NOT one of them?

  • Who inspired Jennette to become an actress?

  • Jennette McCurdy has competed in which sport?

  • The iCarly star's nickname is...

  • Which of these pets does Jennette NOT have?

  • Jennette is super skilled in which backyard art?

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