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Jonas Brothers Quiz: Are You A JoBros Pro?

Is your memory packed with facts about Nick, Joe, and Kevin? Do you know the name of the Bonas Jonas? This quiz will check. Take it now!

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  • The Jonas Brothers won their first Kids Choice Award in:

  • Which Jonas Brothers video begins with a black and white photo?

  • Nick, Joe, and Kevin were all born:

  • "An empty room can be so loud" is a line from which Jonas Brothers song?

  • In this song, the Jonas Brothers joke about having a dance battle with the band Hanson:

  • What's the name of the security guard who raps on the song "Burnin' Up"?

  • Which video doesn't include any scenes on a boat?

  • In Camp Rock, the Jonas Brothers play a band called:

  • Which Jonas Brothers song mentions "walking on broken glass"?

  • What’s the real name of their youngest brother, the “Bonas Jonas”?