Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Kristen Stewart Quiz: Gaga over the Twilight saga?

Kristen Stewart Quiz: Gaga over the Twilight saga?

Are you a mediocre mortal or a worthy werewolf? How much do you really know about Kristen Stewart and her movie, "Eclipse?" Take this KCA quiz to find out!

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  • Kristen won a KCA last year! What did she win for?

  • What is Kristen's middle name?

  • In the Twilight movies, Kristen wears brown contacts to play Bella. What color are Kristen's eyes naturally?

  • Kristen was born and raised where?

  • What strange pet does Kristen have at home?

  • In Eclipse, Kristen's character Bella is in danger because of what vengeful vampire?

  • Finish Kristen's quote from Eclipse. Bella: "From now on, I'm _____."

  • What year was Stewart born?

  • What costume addition was made when Kristen played Bella in Eclipse?

  • Kristen dyed her hair to play Bella Swan. What color is her hair naturally?

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