Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Miranda Cosgrove Quiz: Are You A Miranda Maniac?

Miranda Cosgrove Quiz: Are You A Miranda Maniac?

You call yourself an iCarly fan, but do you really know the lady behind the legend? Test your knowledge of Miranda Cosgrove minutiae with this killer quiz!

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  • Miranda's Drake & Josh character was called...

  • Miranda's real life father is a...

  • Which KCA-nominated animated movie featured Miranda's voice?

  • What is the title of Miranda's debut album?

  • What artist inspired Miranda to learn to play guitar?

  • What 2010 Nick special featured a Miranda Cosgrove cameo?

  • What was Miranda Cosgrove's big screen debut?

  • What song did Miranda perform at the 2010 KCAs?

  • In what 2005 movie did Miranda play Joni North?

  • What year was Miranda Cosgrove born?

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