Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Selena Gomez Quiz: Are You a Selena Genius?

Selena Gomez Quiz: Are You a Selena Genius?

What makes this Wizards of Waverly Place cutie click? Do you know? Well you'd better find out if you expect to get through this super tough trivia quiz!

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  • What is humanitarian Selena Gomez's charity of choice?

  • What was Selena's big screen debut?

  • Complete this band name: Selena Gomez & The ____

  • What was the name of Selena's Barney & Friends character?

  • Who did Selena play on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody?

  • Selena began her acting career at age...

  • Who did Selena play on Hannah Montana?

  • Which band featured Selena in one of their music videos?

  • Selena says she learned everything there is to know about acting on...

  • What was Selena's debut album?

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