Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Shrek Forever After Quiz: Are You a Shrek Smartie?

Shrek Forever After Quiz: Are You a Shrek Smartie?

Think you know everything about Ogres, The Three Blind Mice and other mythical creatures? Prove it! Ogre you scared? Don't be! Let's see how much you know about Shrek's fairytale world!

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  • Who wishes that Shrek had never been born?

  • Shrek and his green fam visit Far Far Away to celebrate:

  • Who annoys Shrek by eating all the cake?

  • Donkey finds a plate of this on a stump in the forest:

  • What does Shrek hope to be for a while?

  • Who becomes king by tricking Shrek?

  • What type of food does Cookie sell?

  • Which instrument is used to control ogres?

  • What does Shrek offer Rumpel?

  • What does Fiona tell Shrek is very important to her?

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