Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Taylor Swift Quiz: Does Your Heart Belong To Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift Quiz: Does Your Heart Belong To Taylor Swift?

This quiz is about slammin' screen doors, being fifteen, and going back to December... It's all about Taylor Swift! Think you know everything and more about this country star? Quiz it!

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  • Which Taylor Swift song is about the first day of high school?

  • Taylor calls herself a "flight risk with a fear of falling" in this song:

  • Taylor played a girl named Felicia in this movie:

  • Who interrupted Taylor's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards?

  • Which of Taylor's videos shows it snowing indoors?

  • What year did Taylor win her first Kids Choice Award?

  • Why is Taylor sad in the song "Teardrops on My Guitar"?

  • Taylor paints her toenails blue in this video:

  • Where was Taylor Swift born?

  • According to the song "You Belong with Me," who wears T-shirts?

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