Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Harry Potter Quiz: Are you a wizard at Deathly Hallows trivia?

Harry Potter Quiz: Are you a wizard at Deathly Hallows trivia?

Are you a master of wizardly wisdom or destined for doom? Find out by taking this quiz on KCA-nominated Favorite Movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1!

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  • What is the key to Voldemort's immortality?

  • This movie is the __ movie in the Harry Potter series.

  • The famous author of the Harry Potter books, J.K Rowling, also has another important role in the Deathly Hallows films. What is it?

  • How many wands were used during production of this film?

  • When Voldemort tries to kill Harry on his 17th birthday whose wand does he use?

  • What year did the Harry Potter series win favorite book at the KCAs?

  • What are the Deathly Hallows?

  • What is Hermione given from Dumbledore's will?

  • The trio learn that the real Horcrux locket was stolen by Mundungus Fletcher. Who told them this?

  • Whose wedding is interrupted by the Death Eaters?

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