Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Karate Kid Quiz: Are you Karate Kid crazy?

Karate Kid Quiz: Are you Karate Kid crazy?

Are you a kung-fu master? Find out by taking this high-kicking KCA quiz and see if you're a Kung Fu Master or Kung Fu Student!

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  • This film is actually a remake of an older classic. What year did the original Karate Kid film come out?

  • In the film, Dre's class takes a field trip. Where do they go?

  • In the Wudang Mountains, Dre sees a girl copying the movements of what kind of animal?

  • What activity does Mr. Han make Dre repeat over and over?

  • Dre and his mom move to China from what U.S city?

  • Cheng and his friends are a part of what group ?

  • Mr. Han goes to the Qi Xi festival with Dre and his mom. What American holiday is alike to this festival?

  • What song does Mei Ying dance to in the arcade?

  • Jaden Smith collaborated with Justin Bieber on what song from the movie's soundtrack?

  • Who directed this film?


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