Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Usher Quiz: Are You Obsessed with Usher?

Usher Quiz: Are You Obsessed with Usher?

How much do you know about Usher and his music? P.S. If your only knowledge of Usher involves Justin Bieber, you might struggle through this KCA quiz. Put on your musical cap and see if you can ace this test!

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  • "I feel like a zombie gone back to life" is a line from:

  • Where was Usher born?

  • Whom did Usher bring to the 2009 Kids Choice Awards?

  • Another KCA nominee appears in Usher's "OMG" video. Who is it?

  • Which video shows Usher dancing in front of a pink and orange sky?

  • Usher appears in this Justin Bieber video:

  • Which Usher video features Nicki Minaj?

  • When Usher was 13, he competed on this TV show:

  • When did Usher win his first KCA blimp?

  • The song "My Boo" is a duet between Usher and:

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