Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | KCA Quiz: What's Your KCA Gadget?

KCA Quiz: What's Your KCA Gadget?

Think you're pretty tech-savvy, eh? Well, at this year's KCAs, secret agents with their super-sweet gadgets rule and civilians drool. We've got special shades that can dump buckets of green goo on celebs. We've got human slingshots. We've got slime-concealing blimps! We've got it all. Now quiz it to find out your KCA gadget.

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  • How much of a tech whiz are you?

  • What's your fave way to communicate with people?

  • Your parents are always nagging you about:

  • You don't know how people used to deal with using:

  • Ah! The power's out and all of your gadget batteries died, too. How long do you think you'll last without technology?

  • What's your fave feature of your phone?

  • Ugh! You're grounded. What's the first thing your 'rents forbid you from using?

  • You could never live without:

  • You're bored, so you're probably:

  • How old were you when you first got a cell phone?

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