Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | KCA Quiz: What's Your Slime Stunt?

KCA Quiz: What's Your Slime Stunt?

What's sticky, green, slurp-rising, and comes out in oodles once a year? SLIME, that's what! But what's even more fun than sliming celebs on stage at the Kids' Choice Awards? Watching celebs do crazy stunts in green goo! But if you took on these goo-ey tricks for yourself, which stunt could you pull off? Take this quiz and find out!

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  • If you could have one super power, it would be:

  • If you had to use one word to describe yourself, it would be:

  • You're stuck in the most boring class. You're probably:

  • Your fave sport is:

  • What kind of car do you want when you grow up?

  • What is your biggest fear?

  • It's Friday night! You can be found:

  • When you've got a big problem, you:

  • What do you think slime tastes like?

  • If you could visit one place in the world, it would be...

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