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KCA Quiz: What's Your Taylor Swift Song?

Taylor Swift is such a fantastic singer! Our ears would live a pretty sad life if we didn't have someone like Tay to fill up our playlists. And since it's next to impossible to choose a favorite from her tunes, we've created this awesome quiz to help you decide which one of her singles is your personal anthem. Take this Taylor test to find out!

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  • Who are you crushing on right now?

  • If you were to write a song right now, what would it be about?

  • Which of these lyrics by Taylor do you identify with the most?

  • If you were gonna shoot a music video, where would you do it?

  • Your first single is on the radio! Who do you really hope hears it?

  • You get most of your creative inspiration from:

  • In the future, you hope to find...

  • Which saying best describes you?

  • You turn on the radio and you want to hear...

  • How fearless are you?