Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Will Smith Quiz: Are You a Will Whiz Kid?

Will Smith Quiz: Are You a Will Whiz Kid?

We're quizzing you on all things Will Smith to get you prepped for Will's big night hosting the Kids' Choice Awards on March 31st! Do you have what it takes to hang with this legend? Quiz it to find out!

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  • What was Will Smith's rapper name?

  • One of Will's most popular songs is about this city...

  • Which movie did Will and Willow Smith star in?

  • For which movie did Will receive an Oscar nomination?

  • Which of Will's movies did he NOT write a song for?

  • Will's a book author, too! But which book did Will write?

  • Will met his wife Jada on the set of...

  • Where is Will originally from?

  • Which animated flick did Will lend his voice to?

  • How many kids does Will have?

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