Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | KCA 2014 Quiz: What Should You Wear to the Orange Carpet?

KCA 2014 Quiz: What Should You Wear to the Orange Carpet?

You were born to walk the Orange Carpet. In fact, the paparazzi know you so well, you're pretty much besties. But even though you've got your duck face and selfie poses down pat, you still need one thing before you step into that sea of flashing lights. The perfect outfit! Quiz it now to find out what threads you should rock on your way into the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards!

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  • What are you pumped to see on the Orange Carpet this year?

  • Your friends say you…

  • Uh-oh! The KCAs have been hit by a snowstorm and you've gotta get there! What do you do?

  • Rock on! Your band just got picked to play the KCAs. What's your band's name?

  • Your favorite time of day is:

  • Your ringtone is:

  • If you could hang out with one Nick cast, you would choose …

  • You never leave the house without:

  • It's the night before the KCAs, what are you doing?

  • What color are your socks?

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