Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | Who's Your KCA 2010 Style Match?

Who's Your KCA 2010 Style Match?

Calling all fashion fanatics! Do you think you've got just as much style as the 2010 KCA nominees? Are you just DYING to see what fabulous frocks the celebs rock on the orange carpet this year? Then this quiz is for you! Put your style psyche to the test and find out which KCA nominee dresses just like you!

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  • What accessory can't you live without?

  • You own way too many...

  • When you're getting ready, who are you listening to?

  • You save your best outfit for which occasion?

  • If you were out to dinner, what would you order?

  • If you got a free ticket to the KCAs', what would you wear?

  • When you're just lounging around, you're most likely to be caught in...

  • If you caught someone in the exact same outfit as you at school, what would you do?

  • Which are your fave kicks?

  • If you were at the KCAs' and got slime all over your outfit, what would you do?

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