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Kung Fu Panda Quiz: Pandamonium Trivia

Hi-ya! It's time to put your Kung Fu Panda powers to the test! And if you've been watching the show with the zen-like focus of a true karate master, then you should have no problem kicking through these questions. Are you ready!? Unleash the quiz!

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  • What happens to Master Shifu when Po accidentally falls on top of him?

  • When the Croc gang leaves Fong behind and starts following Po around, what does he first do?

  • When Tigress accidentally lets the Spirit Orbs loose, what does Po try to replace them with?

  • Whose ghost is unleashed when the Spirit Orbs are set free?

  • What annual event does Po take Mantis to?

  • At the fest, what does Po accidentally do to Mantis?

  • Why isn't Po invited to Superintendent Chang's banquet?

  • When Superintendent Chang gets bored, what does Shifu have the group do?

  • According to Hu, how many times has the group illegally done kung fu?

  • After Hu outlaws kung fu, Po fights crime under what name?


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