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KCA Quiz: What's Your Slime Face?

Getting slimed in the face is no laughing matter. Wait...YES IT IS! And our KCA celebs are known to make outrageous faces upon receiving the gift of slime. But now it's time to find out what YOUR face would look like if you got covered with the gooey green stuff. Take this quiz and discover your slime face!

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  • You're at a pool party and your friend pushes you in! What's your reaction?

  • You come home and flick the light on and all of your friends yell 'SURPRISE!' How do you feel about the surprise party?

  • Mud-wrestling.

  • You're washing your dog and he splashes tub water all over you! You'd probably:

  • If you had to use one of these as a utensil, what would you choose?

  • Choose the best food:

  • Choose the best food made of SLIME:

  • How clean is your room?

  • You've just found the biggest pile of candy on Earth, but there's a mountain of slime blocking it! How do you approach?

  • Someone starts jumping in rain puddles right next to you, so you:

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