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KCA Quiz: What's Your Slime Game?

Get those sweat-hugging headbands on and get ready to score some wins, because it's time for a good ol' round of Slime Games! When the ref blows the whistle, will you be wrestling in a pool of green goo or dunkin' slime on your opponents in a fun game of slime ball? Only this quiz will tell, so get ready, get set, and get your GAME ON!

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  • Time to warm up! What exercises are you doing?

  • Huddle up for a pre-game pep talk. What's the coach saying?

  • What's your sweet champion outfit?

  • What's your signature move?

  • It's almost the end of round 1, and you're ALREADY losing?!

  • Ok, pro-star, let's get it together! How are you powering through for the win?

  • Halftime break! How are you spending it?

  • What makes you such a great team player?

  • And what makes you not so great?

  • How are you bringing down your opponent?