Kids' Choice Awards Quizzes | KCA 2014 Quiz: Build Your Own KCAs!

KCA 2014 Quiz: Build Your Own KCAs!

KCA 2014 is gonna be totally awesome. But what if YOU were in charge of planning the event?! Would you have the slimiest show ever? One full of LOLs? Or maybe your show would be all about music. Answer these quick questions to build your own version of the Kids' Choice Awards!

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  • Which KCA category would you add?

  • At your dream KCAs, the audience would be full of...

  • Who should co-host the KCAs?

  • The winners at YOUR KCAs will...

  • If you made a KCA goody bag, what would be in it?

  • If you had to help out on the KCA set, you'd be the...

  • This year, the Orange Carpet should add...

  • What BIG SURPRISE would you have planned for your KCAs?

  • Your KCA inspiration comes from which throwback moment?

  • What's the perfect KCA finale?

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