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  • KCA Quiz: KCA 2014 Trivia!

    Are you a Kids' Choice Awards expert? Did you watch every KCA 2014 moment, from the sweet dance party opening number to Mark Wahlberg's epic sliming? If you think you know it all about KCA 2014, then quiz yourself in this post-show trivia to prove it!Take the Quiz

  • KCA 2014 Quiz: What Should You Wear to the Orange Carpet?

    You were born to walk the Orange Carpet. In fact, the paparazzi know you so well, you're pretty much besties. But even though you've got your duck face and selfie poses down pat, you still need one thing before you step into that sea of flashing lights. The perfect outfit! Quiz it now to find out what threads you should rock on your way into the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards!Take the Quiz

  • KCA 2014 Quiz: What Should YOU Win?

    If you won your very own KCA award, what would you do first? Slime the other nominees? Name your Blimp? Head straight to a KCA party for some star-studded dancing? Well, your KCA fantasy just got even better because in this quiz, you don't have to be a celebrity to walk the Orange Carpet! Find out what silly KCA Award YOU would win!Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: Totally Weird KCA Trivia

    Think you're an expert in all things KCA? Prove it! We’ve got tons of silly questions that will put your KCA knowledge to the test. So quiz it up and show us your slime-y smarts!Take the Quiz

  • KCA 2014 Quiz: Build Your Own KCAs!

    KCA 2014 is gonna be totally awesome. But what if YOU were in charge of planning the event?! Would you have the slimiest show ever? One full of LOLs? Or maybe your show would be all about music. Answer these quick questions to build your own version of the Kids' Choice Awards!Take the Quiz

  • KCA 2013 Quiz: Who is Josh's Perfect Co-host?

    We've done it! Yes, we've been busy mixing and mashing, scheming and stirring, but we've finally created the silliest of all sidekicks for KCA host Josh Duhamel...But which of our wonderful creations would YOU want to see at the most slimetastic night of the year? Take this quiz and discover Josh's perfect co-host!Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: What's Your Slime Game?

    Get those sweat-hugging headbands on and get ready to score some wins, because it's time for a good ol' round of Slime Games! When the ref blows the whistle, will you be wrestling in a pool of green goo or dunkin' slime on your opponents in a fun game of slime ball? Only this quiz will tell, so get ready, get set, and get your GAME ON!Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: What's Your Slime Face?

    Getting slimed in the face is no laughing matter. Wait...YES IT IS! And our KCA celebs are known to make outrageous faces upon receiving the gift of slime. But now it's time to find out what YOUR face would look like if you got covered with the gooey green stuff. Take this quiz and discover your slime face!Take the Quiz

  • KCA 2013 Quiz: What's Your Slime Color?

    Slime comes in many shades, and each color suits different personalities. If you're ever lucky enough to slimed, you'll want to remember every second of it, and how better to do that than being drenched in your own custom hue? Take this quiz to find your signature shade of slime!Take the Quiz

  • KCA 2013 Quiz: What's Your Slime Super Power?

    When you get nervous, does slime gush out of your armpits? Or does it seep out of your ears in a gaseous form every time you yawn? The possibilities are endless, but with the KCAs just around the corner, there's no time to waste! Find your super power now by taking this fun quiz, and get ready to get your super-hero on in time for the show!Take the Quiz

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