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  • KCA Quiz: What's Your Silly Nomination?

    Loads of slime, tons of fart jokes, an Orange Carpet, AND all of your favorite stars rolled into one sounds like the perfect KCA recipe. But something's out-of-this-world, silly nomination, duh! What if instead of winning a Blimp for Best Actor, the stars competed for a Blimp for hairiest armpits?! Things are bound to get wacky, so put on your silly hat and take this fun quiz now!Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: What's Your Slime Stunt?

    What's sticky, green, slurp-rising, and comes out in oodles once a year? SLIME, that's what! But what's even more fun than sliming celebs on stage at the Kids' Choice Awards? Watching celebs do crazy stunts in green goo! But if you took on these goo-ey tricks for yourself, which stunt could you pull off? Take this quiz and find out!Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: Super Duper Hard SpongeBob Trivia!

    Think you know everything there is to know about a certain under-the-sea creature named SpongeBob? Prove it, by taking this super tough SpongeBob SquarePants trivia quiz! Find out if you've got what it takes to survive in Bikini Bottom...Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: What's Your Orange Carpet Look?

    The glitz, the glamour, the glitter, the... slime? It's all on the Orange Carpet! When it comes to rocking that perfect paparazzi pic, fashion forward threads can make all the difference. So what will you wear to the Kids' Choice Awards this year? Take this quiz to find your perfect style for the big night.Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: What's Your KCA Gadget?

    Think you're pretty tech-savvy, eh? Well, at this year's KCAs, secret agents with their super-sweet gadgets rule and civilians drool. We've got special shades that can dump buckets of green goo on celebs. We've got human slingshots. We've got slime-concealing blimps! We've got it all. Now quiz it to find out your KCA gadget.Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: Which KCA Category Would You Be Nominated For?

    It's the most wonderful time of the year...The Kids' Choice Awards are coming! While we all can't be on the Orange Carpet on the big night (tear), we can still dream can't we? So, imagine you were all dolled up and going to the awards. Which category would YOU be nominated for? Take this quiz and find out!Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: What's Your Taylor Swift Song?

    Taylor Swift is such a fantastic singer! Our ears would live a pretty sad life if we didn't have someone like Tay to fill up our playlists. And since it's next to impossible to choose a favorite from her tunes, we've created this awesome quiz to help you decide which one of her singles is your personal anthem. Take this Taylor test to find out!Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: Who's Your 2012 KCA Date?

    How will you roll up to the Orange Carpet in 2012? Well, you may have your perfect outfit picked and your decked-out ride ready to go, but there's one thing you might not have. A gorgeous guy or gal to hang on your arm! Who will the paparazzi catch you arriving with this year? Find out, by quizzing your way to your ideal KCA date.Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: Are You a KCA Know it All?

    So you think you're an expert on all things KCA, eh? Well, we've got a way for you to prove it. Ace this 2011 trivia quiz, and we'll crown you king/queen of slime. Hope you were watching carefully last year!Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: Who's Your Valen-slime?

    This Valentine's Day, we're opting for less chocolate, and more slime! We may even dye our green slime red for the occasion! Quiz it to get your valen-slime and find out which slimy celeb you should spend the holiday with!Take the Quiz

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