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  • Will Smith Quiz: Are You a Will Whiz Kid?

    We're quizzing you on all things Will Smith to get you prepped for Will's big night hosting the Kids' Choice Awards on March 31st! Do you have what it takes to hang with this legend? Quiz it to find out!Take the Quiz


    Everybody knows that you are bound for KCA glory. Ask your parents, your friends, even your enemies. All of them will agree that there is a Kids' Choice Awards Blimp in your future. The only big question left to answer is...WHAT CATEGORY WILL YOU WIN? Are you destined to be a famous screen star, hilarious sidekick, small screen A-lister or a song bird? There is only one way to find out...TAKE THIS QUIZ!!!Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: What's Your Orange Carpet Paparazzi Pose?

    Hey superstar! What do you do when the paparazzi lights up your life with their flashing bulbs? Are you always ready with a smile? A screwy squint? A grumpy frown? Or are you too famous to even notice they're around? Take this quiz and find out if your pictures will come out cute, crazy, tough or lazy! Say cheese!Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: Who's Your 2011 KCA Date?

    Are "I heart KCA" doodles taking over your notebooks? Have you been daydreaming about which nominee you'd arrive with, what you would wear, and how you would roll up to the Orange Carpet? Well dream no more! Put it to the quiz and find your KCA date!Take the Quiz

  • Who's Your KCA 2010 Style Match?

    Calling all fashion fanatics! Do you think you've got just as much style as the 2010 KCA nominees? Are you just DYING to see what fabulous frocks the celebs rock on the orange carpet this year? Then this quiz is for you! Put your style psyche to the test and find out which KCA nominee dresses just like you!Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: Who's Your Slime Soulmate?

    Kids' Choice Awards means one thing: EVERYBODY MUST GET SLIMED. Yes, even you! But until the sticky stuff slips, slides and splats its way into your life, you can take this quiz to find out which slime-soaked celeb is your soulmate. See you on the slime side!Take the Quiz

  • KCA Quiz: Which KCA Nominee Are You?

    Do you know that there are 80 KCA nominees this year? EIGHTY!!! That's a crazy high number! But guess what? There's only ONE nominee that you match up with perfectly, and this quiz was invented to find out who it is. So answer carefully and find out which of the 80 Kids' Choice Awards nominees was born to get your vote!Take the Quiz

  • Dylan Sprouse Quiz: Do You Know Dylan?

    What's the deal with Dylan? How tall is he and what's his favorite color? Take your best guesses in this brain-cracking quiz and find out how well you know this terrific twin.Take the Quiz

  • Noah Munck Quiz: How Well Do You Know Noah?

    Who is Noah Munck? Do you know the man, the myth, the fearless actor? Dive into ten tricky trivia questions and find out just how smart you really are!Take the Quiz

  • Cole Sprouse Quiz: Who Is Cole Sprouse?

    Do you know Cole like he was your own twin brother? You'd better, because this quiz is hard! Test your Sprouse smarts and see how you do.Take the Quiz

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