Quizzes | Who's Your Valen-slime?

Who's Your Valen-slime?

This Valentine's Day, we're opting for less chocolate, and more slime! We may even dye our green slime red for the occasion! Quiz it to get your valen-slime and find out which slimy celeb you should spend the holiday with!

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  • If you were to get slimed, you would probably...

    • Fall to my knees. I'm clumsy and it's slippery!
    • Take it like a pro, but I'd be shocked!
    • Finish my performance -- the show must go on!
    • Stage a huge stunt so I'd be slimed in style
  • The first word you think of when you think of Valentine's Day is...

    • Chocolate
    • Love
    • Romantic
    • Fun
  • If you could be famous, you'd want to be known for...

    • Your music.
    • Your style.
    • Your acting.
    • Your sense of humor.
  • What's your fave show on Nick?

    • iCarly
    • Victorious
    • Big Time Rush
    • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • You're going to the KCAs! What will you wear?

    • Something loud and colorful
    • Something sparkly
    • Something spiffy but true to my regular style
    • Something super casual
  • Congrats! You won a KCA! What will your acceptance speech be like?

    • I'd thank my fans.
    • I'd thank my co-stars.
    • I'd thank my mom and dad.
    • I'd crack a bunch of jokes!
  • If you were to win an award at school, you'd be voted...

    • Most Popular.
    • Best Dressed.
    • Most Likely to Succeed.
    • Class Clown.
  • It's Friday night, so you're probably...

    • At a party.
    • Hanging out with your best friends at someone's house.
    • Doing something creative, like playing an instrument or writing.
    • Getting into trouble playing pranks.
  • If you could describe yourself in one word, it would be...

    • Outrageous.
    • Adorable.
    • Ambitious.
    • Hilarious.
  • Who's your ideal valentine?

    • Someone who I have the most fun with in the world.
    • Someone who looks at me like I'm the only one in the room.
    • Someone who makes me a better person.
    • Someone who makes me laugh.