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Legend of Korra Quizzes | Legend Of Korra: Impossible Book One Trivia Quiz

Legend Of Korra: Impossible Book One Trivia Quiz

If you wanna get anywhere in this quiz, go back and watch The Legend Of Korra: Book One like a hawk. Or better yet, watch it like a lizard crow, and find out if you can pass this impossible test!

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  • CHAPTER 1: What is the first sentence we hear Korra speak?

  • CHAPTER 1: Young Korra is visited by what secret society?

  • CHAPTER 2: Who do the Fire Ferrets face in their first Pro-bending radio broadcast?

  • CHAPTER 2: Name the Pro-bending radio announcer.

  • CHAPTER 3: Name the street rat who tips Mako off to Bolin's shady mob activity.

  • CHAPTER 3: Which Triple Threat Triad recruits Bolin into a turf war?

  • CHAPTER 4: How did Asami meet Mako?

  • CHAPTER 4: What was Hiroshi Sato's job as a young man?

  • CHAPTER 5: Who sponsors the pro-bending match after Korra and Mako's first kiss?

  • CHAPTER 5: Which White Falls Wolfbat taunts Korra as she enters the arena?

  • CHAPTER 6: What does Cabbage Corp produce?

  • CHAPTER 6: Why is there tension between Lin Beifong and Tenzin?

  • CHAPTER 7: What Cabbage Corp owner is framed for making Equalist weapons?

  • CHAPTER 7: Who frames Cabbage Corp's owner as an Equalist?

  • CHAPTER 8: Who is Jinora describing: "an arboreal mammal common to the bamboo forests of the central kingdom"

  • CHAPTER 8: Who takes Lin Beifong's place as chief of the Metalbending Police Force?

  • CHAPTER 9: What is Aang's childhood nickname?

  • CHAPTER 9: Yakone escapes his bloodbending trial with help from what animal?

  • CHAPTER 10: Name Tenzin's sky bison.

  • CHAPTER 10: Who is Meelo's hero?

  • FINALE: Who is United Forces leader General Iroh's grandfather?

  • FINALE: Name the hobo who serves the benders street gruel.

  • FINALE: Where does Bumi's fleet hide out before attacking the Equalists?

  • FINALE: Who destroys the mecha tanks at the airbase?

  • FINALE: Complete this line: "When we hit our lowest point..."

  • GENERAL: In Ancient Egyptian language, what does Amon mean?

  • GENERAL: Translate the symbol on Amon's main banners.

  • GENERAL: Korra is an Australian name. What does it mean?

  • GENERAL: At the time of Book One, how old is Bolin?

  • GENERAL: What is Mako's side job?

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