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Legend of Korra Quizzes | Legend of Korra: What is Your Element?

Legend of Korra: What is Your Element?

Earth, Fire, Air, Water. We know only the Avatar may harness all four elements, but which of the bending arts are YOU meant to master? Take this quiz and discover your inner element!


  • How do you feel about big changes?

  • What is your best quality?

  • In battle, your basic motto is:

  • You're about to dive into the ocean with your friends, but one of them can't swim, so you:

  • Put on your adventure gear, because we're about to go to explore:

  • It's time to dance! What are your moves?

  • Which of these sounds the most appealing to see?

  • Which creature would you travel on?

  • Which activity would you rather do?

  • Which environment do you prefer to live in?

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