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        Quizzes | Quiz: Do You Know Po?

        Quiz: Do You Know Po?

        Before you enter the Valley Of Peace in a new season of Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness, you'd better be sure that you really know Po! If not, you'll stick out like a sore thumb and the Furious Five will quickly send you packing. So, get your Panda particulars straight and take the quiz!

        Tags: Kung Fu Panda 

        • Where is the Valley Of Peace?

          • China
          • Japan
          • Australia
          • Detroit
        • What temple does Po guard with the Furious Five?

          • Dumpling Den
          • Kung Fu Castle
          • Jade Palace
          • Peaceful Village
        • Who is Po's adoptive father?

          • Master Oogway
          • Mr. Ping
          • Shifu
          • Mo
        • What kind of animal is Mr. Ping?

          • Lion
          • Mouse
          • Panda
          • Goose
        • What kind of warrior is Po?

          • Dragon
          • Kung Fu
          • Brave but clumsy
          • All of the above
        • What is Po's favorite snack?

          • Tofu
          • Dumplings
          • Bamboo
          • Pizza
        • What is Po's family business?

          • Firefighting
          • Kung Fu instruction
          • Sword shop
          • Noodle shop
        • Who was Po's first major enemy?

          • Tai Lung
          • Lord Shen
          • Master Oogway
          • Mrs. Blowhole
        • What is inside of the legendary Dragon Scroll?

          • A secret spell
          • A mirror
          • A key
          • An unstoppable move
        • What is Po's Kung Fu fighting catchphrase?

          • Skadoosh!
          • Shazam!
          • Bam balam!
          • I'm sweepy!