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Legend of Korra Quizzes | Legend of Korra: Civil Wars: Pt. 2 Trivia

Legend of Korra: Civil Wars: Pt. 2 Trivia

Hope you tuned into the most recent Legend of Korra ep, cause it's time to put your attentiveness to the test! If you focused your energy on the best bending moments and details, you’ll do great! But if your skills of observation were slacking, you might need a little help. To see if you're a true Korra fan whose knowledge is up to date and up to snuff, take this quiz!

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  • What is the name of the Judge overseeing the Rebel's trial?

  • Eska says Bolin is cute when he...

  • What's the name of Varrick's Platypus bear?

  • Which is NOT one of the names of Ikki's sky bison?

  • How many rebels sit on trial?

  • When Ikki gets back, she asks Jinora and Meelo to play...

  • In the prison, who climbs out of the trap door first?

  • How does Varrick's platypus bear cause a distraction?

  • Which direction is Tonraq's ship heading?

  • Who pilots Varrick's plane?

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