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Legend of Korra: The Sting Trivia

Hope you tuned into the most recent Legend of Korra ep, cause it's time to put your attentiveness to the test! If you focused your energy on the best bending moments and details, you’ll do great! But if your skills of observation were slacking, you might need a little help. To see if you're a true Korra fan whose knowledge is up to date and up to snuff, take this quiz!

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  • What color is the ambushed crew's raft?

  • What are the names given by Bolin's film for Naga and Pabu?

  • What did Varrick try to force a monkey marmot to do?

  • According to the captain, how many clicks outside the harbor was the ship when it was attacked?

  • What was the name of Varrick's ambushed ship?

  • What does Asami promise the Triple Threats?

  • Zhu-Li needs the tweezers for Varrick's...

  • How many toes does Two Toed Ping have?

  • What kind of bending does the leader of the Triple Threats have?

  • What are Korra's first words when she awakes?


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