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Legend of Korra Quizzes | The Legend of Korra: Could You Defeat Amon?

The Legend of Korra: Could You Defeat Amon?

Amon is leading the Equalists into Republic City and wreaking havoc on anyone who stands in his way! As a bloodbender, Amon has the power to remove all other Benders’ powers and render them helpless. You must help stop him! Who is going to be your partner in crime on this journey to safety and peace?

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  • What is your partner’s best skill?

  • What is the first thing that your partner says you need to master?

  • There has been an attack on Republic City! How does your sidekick calm the crowd?

  • Your crime-fighting pal is ALWAYS super stylish! What outfit are they rockin’ when out catching baddies?

  • Like you, what can your accomplice NOT live without?

  • What is your buddy’s profession?

  • Protecting Republic City can be challenging, so what’s your partner’s weapon of choice?

  • Amon is about to bloodbend you! Your ally stops him by…

  • Your right-hand pal likes to travel…

  • The person your companion respects most is their ____

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