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  • Legend of Korra: Who's Your Avatar Pet?

    The Avatar world is unpredictable and it's always good to have a reliable companion by your side. Whether it be a bending bind or a chaotic day out in Republic city, Avatar pets make life a little easier. Korra has Naga to get her out of sticky situations quick, and Bolin has Pabu to cheer him up when he's down, but what type of animal would your pet be? Take this quiz to find out just which furry friend is perfect for you!Take the Quiz

  • Legend of Korra: Who's On Your Pro-Bending Team?

    Pro-bending is the only sporting event where Benders and Equalists are known to unite in solidarity, but popular as the sport is, it also requires a great amount of skill. It's a good thing you already made it to the pros, 'cause now all you have to do is choose a teammate! See who you'll be battling next to when the gong hits with this fun quiz!Take the Quiz

  • The Legend of Korra: Could You Defeat Amon?

    Amon is leading the Equalists into Republic City and wreaking havoc on anyone who stands in his way! As a bloodbender, Amon has the power to remove all other Benders’ powers and render them helpless. You must help stop him! Who is going to be your partner in crime on this journey to safety and peace?Take the Quiz

  • Legend Of Korra: Impossible Book One Trivia Quiz

    If you wanna get anywhere in this quiz, go back and watch The Legend Of Korra: Book One like a hawk. Or better yet, watch it like a lizard crow, and find out if you can pass this impossible test!Take the Quiz

  • Korra Quiz: Are You A Bender Or An Equalist?

    The battle between the Benders and the Equalists will soon come to a head. Find out which side you're on and join in the fight!Take the Quiz

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