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Legend of Korra Quizzes | Legend of Korra: Who's On Your Pro-Bending Team?

Legend of Korra: Who's On Your Pro-Bending Team?

Pro-bending is the only sporting event where Benders and Equalists are known to unite in solidarity, but popular as the sport is, it also requires a great amount of skill. It's a good thing you already made it to the pros, 'cause now all you have to do is choose a teammate! See who you'll be battling next to when the gong hits with this fun quiz!

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  • When you're under pressure, who keeps you leveled?

  • When the going gets tough, your partner gets...

  • What does the word 'team' mean to you?

  • Which do you dislike the most?

  • Your team's been wiped off the ring except for one! How do they win the match against your opponents?

  • A team is all about balance, and what you're missing is...

  • What quality do you most admire?

  • There's a lot of foulplay going on and you've been hit pretty hard. What does your teammate do?

  • After the pro-bending match, your pal suggests you all should...

  • Which element is your favorite?

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