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Legend of Korra Quizzes | Legend of Korra: Who's Your Avatar Pet?

Legend of Korra: Who's Your Avatar Pet?

The Avatar world is unpredictable and it's always good to have a reliable companion by your side. Whether it be a bending bind or a chaotic day out in Republic city, Avatar pets make life a little easier. Korra has Naga to get her out of sticky situations quick, and Bolin has Pabu to cheer him up when he's down, but what type of animal would your pet be? Take this quiz to find out just which furry friend is perfect for you!

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  • In the Avatar world, you'd most likely be found...

  • When you're on the run, how does your pet help you out?

  • How would you describe yourself?

  • Your pet is causing a ruckus, what'd they do this time?

  • You're in trouble with some thugs! Good thing your pet is near. How do they back you up?

  • To complete your missions, you need a pet that is...

  • You can always count on your pet to...

  • Its most important to you that your pet is...

  • What type of environment would you find your pet in?

  • What does your pet mostly eat?

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