Quizzes | Marvin Marvin Quiz: What Should You Get Marvin For Christmas?

Marvin Marvin Quiz: What Should You Get Marvin For Christmas?

Jingle bells, santa smells, marvin laid an egg...well not really, but you never know! Maybe an egg would make a pretty neat present for this quirky Klootonian this holiday season, but the gift ideas don't stop there. Quiz it up to see what the perfect gift for this alien boy would be, and start getting that shiny green wrapping paper ready!

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  • What's the best way to describe Marvin?

    • Dance-a-holic
    • HUNGRY!
    • An animal's best friend
    • Hot and cold
  • When the weather outside is frightening, what's the best thing to do indoors?

    • Listen to some christmas jingles!
    • Sip on some warm cocoa...extra marshmellows please!
    • Just horse around
    • Hide underneath some warm covers
  • 'Tis the season to be jolly. But what's the GREATEST thing about it?

    • Christmas carolers
    • The yummy holiday sweets, of course
    • The reindeer!
    • The shift in weather!
  • What humanoid activity do you think aliens would save for a snowy day?

    • Kareoke
    • Anything that involves sugar!
    • Whale watching...on TV
    • Making snowballs!
  • What's the ONE thing you think a Klootonian would take with them on a holiday vacay?

    • Some funky dancing shoes
    • Dessert
    • Their alien pet
    • Chargers...lots of them.
  • How do you think Marvin gets into the Christmas spirit?

    • Lots of Christmas Songs!
    • Filling up on Candy Canes and other sweets!
    • Playing reindeer games!
    • Hanging stockings and gettin' cozy!
  • Which do you think Marvin would NOT like?

    • Noise cancelling headphones
    • Vegetables
    • Boring Books
    • Oven mitts
  • If you hung out with Marvin, where would you go?

    • Concert
    • Bakery
    • Zoo
    • Spa
  • Marvin never leaves the house without...

    • His dancin' shoes
    • A candybar, gotta keep your energy up!
    • Saying goodbye to his animal friends
    • Thermometer
  • If aliens invaded the earth and had a party, what holiday jingle would they play?

    • Anything with a good beat!
    • Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
    • 12 Days of X-mas...so many animals!
    • The Icicle Ball