Quizzes | Marvin Marvin Quiz: What's Your Alien Power?

Marvin Marvin Quiz: What's Your Alien Power?

If you were from the planet Klooton, what kind of alien power would you have? The ability to control temperature with your fingertip? Talking to animals? Find your Klooton power!

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  • Winter's just around the corner, and that means snow, snow, snow! How are you keeping warm?

    • Cranking up that thermostat!
    • Snuggling up next to my fluffy (though oftentimes dramatic) pet
    • Chomping down on lots of food to build up energy
    • Wearing extra pants to keep my bum toasty
  • School ain't always easy, but a kid's gotta do what a kid's gotta do. What gets to you the most?

    • Gym smell! It's always so hot and sweaty in there.
    • The birds outside the window who laugh at me when I try to run.
    • The fact that it's AFTER lunchtime, causing me to get hungry all over again.
    • Not being able to sit down and break.
  • What do your family members say to you?

    • You're so hot and cold!
    • Can you please find out why the dog's been crying all day?
    • Eww, are you drinking a sardine and boiled egg shake?
  • What's your best trait?

    • I'm really good at making others feel super comfortable
    • Sometimes, I get along better with animals than with people
    • You should see how much food I can put down in a single sitting
    • I have superior listening skills, sorta...
  • What do you like most about yourself?

    • My fingers
    • My brain
    • My stomach
    • My bum
  • If your friend was in danger, how would you help them?

    • By rubbing hot sauce on my fingers and getting it all in the person's eye
    • I'd call in my swot team of animal pals to back me up
    • I'd eat a big meal for extra strength
    • When things get wacky, I get gassy!
  • What's your fave season?

    • I love them all! Weather doesn't affect me
    • Spring! It's when many of nature's animals come out and play!
    • Summer, because all the heat makes me extra hungry
    • Wait, come closer, I didn't catch that last word...
  • What superhero is the coolest?

    • The Flame
    • Wonder Woman
    • The Hulk
    • Superman
  • What are you bringing with you for take-off, fellow Klootonian?

    • My space heater and mini fan
    • My pet dog for company
    • Space food
    • Clean underwear!
  • Your favorite jam is on, and it's time to space boogie! What's your move?

    • The 'Point and Shoot' tango
    • The 'Who Let the Dogs Out' shimmy
    • The 'Dip then Eat' waltz
    • The 'Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya' mambo