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Monsters Vs. Aliens: Elect the President!

It's clear that President Hathaway isn't always the best 'deciderer' when it comes to ruling Area Fifty-Something. But who among the Monsters and Aliens is fit to fill this powerful position? Take this quiz to reveal who should be the next leader of the land!


  • There's a new holiday in Area Fifty-Something! Which should it be?

  • Your presidential budget just got bigger! You put it towards...

  • Presidential dinner is being served! What's on the menu?

  • How would you spend a day off the job?

  • Evil aliens have descended and people are in danger! How do you handle the disaster?

  • Who should be in your Presidential Cabinet?

  • What's the most important quality for a leader to have?

  • Which charity does your presidential campaign support?

  • What's the best presidential pet?

  • You're allowed to decorate the Oval Office! How do you spruce up the place?

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