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Monsters Vs. Aliens Quiz: Which Character Are You?

Everyone wishes they could be a different species with special powers in Area Fifty-Something, but everyone forgets the most important question: which monster or alien would they be? Strong like Link, jiggly like B.O.B., or maniacal like Coverton? Take this quiz and see which Monster s Vs. Aliens character fits you best!

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  • Pick your perfect hairstyle!

  • Which super ability would you like to have?

  • What kind of team member are you?

  • Which of these is your favorite color?

  • Your friends would say that you are...

  • When you're looking to strut your stuff in your best duds, what outfit are you usually rocking?

  • You're taking on a big baddie, how do you save the day?

  • What's your favorite part about working in area Fifty-Something?

  • How would you describe yourself in one word?

  • Besides doing your duty to protect the world, what do you do in your spare time?