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  • Monsters Vs. Aliens Quiz: Which Character Are You?

    Everyone wishes they could be a different species with special powers in Area Fifty-Something, but everyone forgets the most important question: which monster or alien would they be? Strong like Link, jiggly like B.O.B., or maniacal like Coverton? Take this quiz and see which Monster s Vs. Aliens character fits you best!Take the Quiz

  • Who Should Sam & Cat Babysit?

    We know Sam and Cat have their hands full with their booming babysitting business, but we just couldn't resist adding a few of our own Nick critters to their list... Hey, we need a night off once in a while too! So which of our toon tots do you think the girls should try taming? Take this quiz!Take the Quiz

  • Monsters Vs. Aliens Quiz: What's Your Area Fifty-Something Catchprase?

    Monsters, and aliens and secret missions, oh my! Area Fifty-Something is quite the place. But while it's home to two very different groups, there's something that bonds these guys together -- a good sense of humor and a silly catchphrase to get them through the day! Find out what YOUR wacky catchprase would be by taking this quiz!Take the Quiz

  • Monsters Vs. Aliens Quiz: Are You a Monster or an Alien?

    Monsters and aliens everywhere are putting aside their differences and living together peacefully. Well, mostly. They do get along, but they're just so different! Before you get swept up into their world, you need to know which species you belong to... ARE YOU A MONSTER OR AN ALIEN? Take the quiz and find out!Take the Quiz

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